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Parents are sending their kids to best of tuitions and best schools even then they are not scoring good marks. After so much efforts kids are not interested in studies.

Effective learning process ke liye teen chezein hoti hai.

  • Memorize
  • Retain
  • Recall

Teacher, school and coaching institute mein baccho ko voice and text ke through padhate hai. Teacher bolte hai and likhte hai lekin wo visualize nahi karate. Visualization ka impact ye hota hai ki apko yaad hone ke baad wo yaad rehta hai and jarurat padne pe yaad aata hai to us cheez ko hum solve karte hai, hum isse bacche ki learning better hoti hai aur baccho ko isse fayada hota hai.

Teachers teaches through texts and voice in schools & coaching centers. They also speak and write but they don't make students visualize the concept. The impact of visualization is such that you can easily retain the concepts for a long time after learning them. Learning through visualizations makes recalling the concepts easier for students as well. Visualizations aids in better learning in students and also with the help of visualization, students can solve difficult problems easily.